Esther Olofsson, the Netherlands’ first virtual influencer, gets her NFT collection

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RauwCC, a Dutch creative agency based in Rotterdam, developed an NFT collection for its virtual influencer Esther Olofsson. The agency pioneered in 2020 with the creation of Esther, the Netherlands’ first virtual influencer. The Swedish born influencer lives in Rotterdam and shares hotspots of the city on Instagram with her 45,000 followers. RauwCC is now taking the next progressive step by launching this NFT project, which will allow Esther’s followers to get to know her even better.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are extremely popular. Artists are selling their digital works en masse and NFT projects have spiked. Virtual influencers are also becoming more active in this area and releasing their own NFT collections. In November 2020, the virtual influencer ‘Lil Miquela’ released her first NFT. The popular influencer has 3 million followers on Instagram. Her NFT ‘Rebirth of Venus’ was sold for 82 thousand dollars. Another virtual influencer with her own NFT project is Singapore’s influencer Rae. It was the first NFT series minted by a virtual influencer in Southeast Asia. The NFTs were released in July 2021. The buyers of the NFTs received a special personal thank you video message from Rae.

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Esther's Archetypes

Esther's collection consists of a series of fifteen NFTs that you can collect. They’re based on her archetypes. Esther’s character traits teach us more about her personality and interests. Selling the NFTs expands the storyline of this 29-year-old bit-and-byte fashionista. The collection consists among others of Esther the Shop-a-holic, Esther the Foodie and Esther the Fitgirl. In addition, there’s an exclusive NFT available based on her very first video post. Buyers of Esther's NFTs get exclusive extras, such as access to the Discord Channel, a unique physical representation of their NFT and the link to Esther's list of hidden gems in Rotterdam. These exclusive extras will be expanded over time.

Digital Ownership

Both at home and abroad, more and more people are under the spell of NFTs. These tokens represent a unique digital object, stored on the blockchain. NFTs cannot be duplicated and are not interchangeable. You can see it as a way of linking ownership to digital objects, showing everyone that you own it.

Pioneering and innovating

Esther's NFT collection will be available on from May 9. With this new project, RauwCC continues the drive to pioneer and innovate. It has not gone unnoticed. At the end of March, RauwCC was still in the top 150 of 'Enablers of Digital Transformation' in the annual DX300 survey by MT/Sprout for their innovative work in the field of virtual brand ambassadors. RauwCC has also been nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award for the second time with the 'Esther Sleepover' campaign for Postillion Hotels.

Check the website to read more about Esther's NFT project and follow Esther Olofsson's story on Instagram: @esther.olofsson and Twitter: @estherolofsson

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