Esther Olofsson version 2.0

Netherlands' first virtual influencer goes completely digital

Esther Olofsson, the Netherlands' first virtual influencer, went fully digital on 28 June 2022. With this step, the Rotterdam-based creative agency, RauwCC, is preparing her for the metaverse and is making optimal use of the possibilities that come with her virtuality. For example, she can now finally move and even teleport and time travel!

RauwCC Introductie Esther Olofsson 2.0

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Esther Olofsson is a fictional character and is active on Instagram, among other things. She has more than 43,000 followers from home and abroad. Esther is a virtual human unique in her kind. She was, until recently, constructed by applying CGI and deepfake technology to photographs or film footage of an existing model. The advantage of this approach was that Esther could move in any setting and there was a natural interaction with people she came in contact with. However, it was also a labor-intensive and therefore costly technique. Moreover, this technique limited her in her virtuality.

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Esther Olofsson 2.0: full digital personality

On 28 June, the birthday of RauwCC's #endboss Maarten Reijgersberg, Esther was deployed to go fully digital. The creatives at RauwCC have built Esther, her wardrobe and her way of moving completely in 3D. The advantage of this is that Esther from now on can easily exist in every photo or video. Also, the team no longer needs to arrange styling and taking a model on the road. Moreover, with this 'upgrade', much more emphasis can be placed on her virtuality. She can now finally move and even teleport, time travel and discover the metaverse!

Esther inspires

Esther has gained considerable exposure worldwide since her introduction. Within RauwCC her 'birth' has led to new experiences, nominations, and insights. The first virtual brand ambassador for Dura Vermeer, Lou the builder, builds directly on Esther's legacy. Lou can be followed on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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